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Small Devices

Small Devices

Among our small devices are the Rod Microscopes SM, the Portable Microscopes MS1 and TM2, the Centring Mikroscopes ZM1 and the Alignment Tester FLZ for machine bearing alignment (straightness measurement).

All devices are manufactured and assembled in-house as a high valuable product "Made in Germany".

Upon request, custom solutions are possible anytime.


Measuring Microscope MS1

Portable Measuring Microscope MS1Valuable, portable measuring microscope with integrated coaxial and angular incident illumination.

• steady, anodized aluminium body

• focussing by knurled ring and fine-pitch thread

• transformer with LED or battery LED lamp


Magnifications Fields of view Measurement range Resolution
20x tos 800x 8.9 mm to 0.35 mm Z 8 mm 0.05 mm to
0.0025 mm



• digital screw micrometre eyepiece for precise distance measurement
  (1 µm resolution)

• digital z-measurement device for depth measurement, integrated in the body
  (1 µm resolution)

high resolution digital USB video camera VM4-USB

measuring software VMS-USB

Measuring Microscope MS1 brochureMS1 brochure download...


Measuring Microscope TM2

Portable Measuring Microscope TM2 (Rollscope)The portable measuring microscope TM2 is used to measure structues on rollers and flat or cylindric products with 3 digital axes (X/Y/Z) - self contained with integrated batteries.

solid v-block base for stable attachment

rubber coated surface protects the product against scratches and damage

eyepiece with diopter compensation and crosshair with concentric circles

coaxial coarse / fine movement for focussing

Magnifications Fields of view Measurement range Resolution
75x to 200x 2.6 mm to 0.35 mm X/Y 25 mm
Z 12 mm
1 µm


Measuring Microscope TM2 brochureTM2 brochure download...


Metallurgical Traveller Microscope TM1

Metallurgical Traveller Microscope TM1The portable traveller microscope B30-MTM is used to inspect structures and defects on metallurgical surfaces, e.g. gas pipes.

X/Y fine adjustment

 USB power supply


magnetic stand for safe fixture on sufficient metals
  magnetic stand

coaxial coarse/fine focus drive
  coarse/fine focus drive

flexible configuration from our B30 component system:
  eye-pieces, turret and objectives, USB-camera
  turret and objectives


magnifications fields of view travel range
20x to 800x 9 mm to 0,27 mm X/Y 10 mm
Z 70 mm


TM1 diagramTM1 diagram download...