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Small Devices

Small Devices

Among our small devices are the Rod Microscopes SM, the Portable Microscopes MS1 and TM2, the Centring Mikroscopes ZM1 and the Alignment Tester FLZ for machine bearing alignment (straightness measurement).

All devices are manufactured and assembled in-house as a high valuable product "Made in Germany".

Upon request, custom solutions are possible anytime.


Alignment Tester FLZ

 Alignment Tester FLZ FLZ application setup
    application setup
FLZ image of eyepiece
split-image eyepiece

Portable measurement microscope for the alignment of machine bearings.

The measuring wire ist fastened to the headstock or a special holding device, fed at the end of the base over a pulley and stretched tight with a weight (layout according to DIN 8606).

The alignment tester must be placed on the carriage of the machine or a corresponding device, which can be moved in a longitudinal direction in predefined steps on the machine base. The measuring wire must be aligned in such a way that the same values are measured in the starting and end position of the carriage, i.e. that it is tensioned to form an imaginary connecting line parallel to these positions. When the wire is aligned to the bearing, the value display is set to zero.

The straightness deviation can now be read directly on the display for each position when both parts of the image are fitted together by moving the microscope horizontally with the integrated micrometer spindle.


Magnification Field of view Measurement range Resolution
? 44x 3 mm 10 mm 1 µm


 Alignment Tester FLZ brochureFLZ brochure download...


Centring Microscope ZM1

Centring Microscope ZM1The Centring Microscope ZM1 is a sturdy, optical precision instrument to be attached on machines, control devices, measuring devices and equipment.
The high quality, coated optics and the complete metalic design ensures a high durability.

Eyepiece with diopter compensation and crosshair with concentric circles

Straight tube, 45° or 90° image redirection available

Versions with prism for image erection

Special designs are available upon request.

Magnifications  Fields of view Measurement range Resolution
5x to 185x 60 mm to
1.3 mm
- -


Clamping cube with focussing element

Incident light: LED ring light and transformer

• C-mount adaptor, high resolution USB digital color camera, manual measuring software VMS-USB

Centring Mircroscope ZM1 BrochureZM1 brochure download...


Machine Centring Microscope MZM

Machine Centring Microscope MZM Machine Centring Microscope MZM attached to milling machine

Universal centring microscope to set up tool machines (for example milling or drilling machines).

The edges of a workpiece can be positioned, rotary stages can be centered or machine spindles can be aligned. The centring microscope is fixed in the machine instead of the tool.

the image is true erect and with high contrast

the eyepiece has a graticule with crosshair and concentric circles

LEDs are used for the incident light

5 µm centring accuracy can be achieved

DIN 2080-A 40 (short taper) standard fixture

• different fixtures and draw bolt upon request


Vergrößerung Bildfeld Messbereich Auflösung
30x 5 mm - -

Centering Microscope ZM1 brochureZM1 brochure download...