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New Products

 Here you will find a list of new products we have added to our program:


Metallurgical Traveller Microscope TM1

Metallurgical Traveller Microscope TM1The portable traveller microscope B30-MTM is used to inspect structures and defects on metallurgical surfaces, e.g. gas pipes.

X/Y fine adjustment

 USB power supply


magnetic stand for safe fixture on sufficient metals
  magnetic stand

coaxial coarse/fine focus drive
  coarse/fine focus drive

flexible configuration from our B30 component system:
  eye-pieces, turret and objectives, USB-camera
  turret and objectives


magnifications fields of view travel range
20x to 800x 9 mm to 0,27 mm X/Y 10 mm
Z 70 mm


TM1 diagramTM1 diagram download...


Toolmakers Microscope WMM200

Toolmakers Microscope WMM200Toolmakers Microscope WMM200

Toolmakers measuring microscope with swivel-mounted column, binocular tube and brilliant optics.

Details -> see products


  Toolmakers Microscope WMM200





VMHT news

motorized 6x turret VMH-303VMH-303

Motorized turret for 2 indentors and 4 objectives. All instruments can be optionally equipped with this 6x turret. This enables the VMHT to do Vickers and Knoop respective Brinell indentations without changing the indentor.


Flexible conversion tables and radius correctionFlexible conversion tables and radius correction

The new versions of our hardness testing applications for VMH-002 to VMH-I04 are supporting now the usage of editable conversion tables
(Standard ASTM E 140: HV, HK, HRC 150, HRD 100, HRA 60, HR 45-N, HR 30-N, HR 15-N).
The curvature / radius of the specimen surface can be considered now, by using a radius correction table accodring to ISO 6507-2.


Scanning and graphical definition of the indentation pattern with VMH-I04Scanning and graphical definition of the indentation pattern with VMH-I04

Single or multiple specimen can be scanned in special holders (accessory) with low magnification.
Various indentation patterns can be graphically defined within the stiched image after the scan by mouse.

The testing results can be shown as color chart in the graphic.

Detailed informations:   Microhardness Tester VMHT BrochureVMHT brochure download...