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Motion Controllers

Positioning Systems - Motion Controllers

The high resolution motion controllers are specially adapted to our positioning systems. They are driven by joystick or by PC (RS232/USB/LAN) interface.

Excellent low noise movement of the motors and a resolution of 0.1 µm are the major features.

2 or 3 axis motion controllers with or without encoder connectors for incremental scales (closed loop operation) are available.

A complete set of cables for the axises, joystick, interface cable, user manual and PC test software are within the scope of supply.

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Fine positioning control F9S

Fine positioning control F9S

• completely with joystick and set of cables

• hand or remote controlled

• RS232 interface

• 2 or 3 axis version


/ revolution 
 Motor current 
Fine positioning control F9S-x-O
 40.000  1,2 A  0,1 µm  • 9600 - 19200 BAUD
 • register control set
 • max. 10 revolutions / second
Fine positioning control F9S-x-M
 50.000  2,5 A  0,1 µm

 • 9600 - 115200 BAUD
 • register or interpreter control set
 • max. revolutions / second
 • 24 V voltage for motor break
   of the z-axis
 • STOP signal for emergency stop
 • encoder connectors
   (1Vss or TTL)


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