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Small Devices

Small Devices

Among our small devices are the Rod Microscopes SM, the Portable Microscopes MS1 and TM2, the Centring Mikroscopes ZM1 and the Alignment Tester FLZ for machine bearing alignment (straightness measurement).

All devices are manufactured and assembled in-house as a high valuable product "Made in Germany".

Upon request, custom solutions are possible anytime.


Rod Microscope SM

Rod Microscope SMThe Rod Microscope SM is a multifunctional testing instrument for applications where magnifying-glasses are not suitable any more.

It is put directly on the specimen to be measured / inspected.
Several configurations are available:

with light transmissive base stand

with battery lighting in the aluminium base stand

with battery lighting and small base stand to measure hardness indentations

Magnifications Fields of view Measurement range Resolution
25x to 100x 9 mm to
1.7 mm
- 0.05 mm to
0.0025 mm


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