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Video Measuring Microscopes

Vision Systems - Video Measuring MicroscopesOur Video Measuring Microscopes are equipped with a high resolution digital video camera and can be combined with simple digital readouts (DRO), measuring DROs or different software packages.

We distinguish between hand driven and motorized microscopes.

Measurement range
Video Measuring

hand driven motorized
25 x 25 WM2  
50 x 50 MS2

100 x 50 MS2

100 x 100 MS3  
150 x 100 MS3

150 x 150 MS4  
200 x 100 VMM150V
250 x 150 MS4

250 x 200 MS4  
350 x 200 MS4

350 x 350 MS5  
420 x 300 MS5


Video Measuring Microscope WM2 Video Measuring Microscope MS2 Video Measuring Microscope MS3 Video Measuring Microscope MS4 Video Measuring Microscope MS5 Video Measuring Microscope VMSergo Video Measuring Microscope VMM100 Video Measuring Microscope VMM150V Video Measuring Microscope VMM200 Video Measuring Microscope VMM300
WM2 MS2 MS3 MS4 MS5 VMSergo VMM100 VMM150V VMM200 VMM300



Video Measuring Machine MS5
igh value and solid video measuring machine with motorized axes, built with standard components from our component system.

Due to the modular design, customer specific solutions can be realized in a short time.

• optical system with telecentric or infinite optical path

• exchangable objectives or turret (optional motorized)

• motorized measuring stage with 3-axis-joystick for fast and comfortable positioning

• flexible tube configuration using our component system

• solid granite base body, steel cover and chassis, portal design, passive or active anti-vibration system

• console with integrated measuring computer

• stepless trasmitted and coaxial incident illumination with glass fiber and cold light source

• high resolution digital video camera

• optional attachment of different optical sensors (e.g. triangulation laser, white light sensor)

Measuring stage Movement range X / Y / Z (mm) Options / Accessories
motorized 350 x 350 x 100

420 x 300 x 100

460 x 460 x 100

580 x 460 x 100
• Measuring software OMS, IMS
• Various ring illuminations
• Turret with micro objectives
• Linear scales for X,Y and Z
• Attachment of external sensors


Measuring Microscope MS5 brochureMS5 brochure download...


Video Measuring Software OMS

Video Measuring Software OMS

The flexible, easy-to-learn measuring software for two dimensional measurements of primary samples and small batches by either hand-operated or motorized-operated measuring microscopes, for use in laboratories or production areas.

OMS is available in english or german language.

measuring in the video image by mouseclick easy manual measuring by mousclick directly in the video image
automatic measuring functions
intuitively usable tools are available for the automatic
  edge detection of point, line, circle and circle sector
example of a manual measuring function flexible on-screen manual measuring functions
scaled overlay masks different scaled overlay masks for direct shape and
  dimension comparison of products and prototype samples
list of already measured elements list of already measured elements for further combinations
graphical part view graphical part view for overview or element selection
  (with DXF export)
various functions to combine geometrical elements various functions to combine already measured
  geometrical elements
customizable protocol header customizable protocol header and logo
measuring results overlay for documentation video image with measuring results overlay for documentation
measuring report with video image or part view • measuring report with video image or part view (with PDF export)
automatic measuring program with subroutine automatic measuring program by teach-in (with subroutine)


Video Measuring Software IMS

Video Measuring Software IMSThe efficient fully-automated and highly integrated measuring software for measuring of series parts. Usable for recurring measuring tasks up to integration in CIM production plants.

IMS is available in english.

automatic measuring functions and combinations
intuitively usable tools are available for automatic edge detection
  and geometrical combination
sophisticated macro language with macro editor flexible and efficient macro-language with teach-in functionality
  for complete control of the measuring sequence with variables,
  sub-routines, database linking and text print-out
comfortable macro editor with breakpoints • comfortable macro editor with breakpoints, variable inspection
  and online help
various imaging filters various imaging filters: e.g. Lookup Tables, Laplace, Sobel, Median,
  Opening & Closing
imaging-autofocus fast and precise imaging-autofocus
customized text protocol text protocol with customized header
customized data input dialog operation workflow with user input: yes/no message, inquiry dialog
  or customized data input dialog
additional 3D module Topocheck - 3D view additional module "TopoCheck" for topography measurement
  with various sensors, 3D- or 2D view for X/Y and Z measurement
interface to operate external devices flexible interface to operate external devices (e.g. white light sensor,
  gauge, RS232 barcode reader, ODBC database)