Walter Uhl

technische Mikroskopie GmbH & Co. KG


Video Measuring Machine MS5
igh value and solid video measuring machine with motorized axes, built with standard components from our component system.

Due to the modular design, customer specific solutions can be realized in a short time.

• optical system with telecentric or infinite optical path

• exchangable objectives or turret (optional motorized)

• motorized measuring stage with 3-axis-joystick for fast and comfortable positioning

• flexible tube configuration using our component system

• solid granite base body, steel cover and chassis, portal design, passive or active anti-vibration system

• console with integrated measuring computer

• stepless trasmitted and coaxial incident illumination with glass fiber and cold light source

• high resolution digital video camera

• optional attachment of different optical sensors (e.g. triangulation laser, white light sensor)

Measuring stage Movement range X / Y / Z (mm) Options / Accessories
motorized 350 x 350 x 100

420 x 300 x 100

• Measuring software OMS, IMS

• Various ring illuminations

• Turret with micro objectives

• Linear scales for X,Y and Z

• Attachment of external sensors


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