Machine Centring Microscope MZM

Machine Centring Microscope MZM
Machine Centring Microscope MZM attached to milling machine

Universal centring microscope to set up tool machines (for example milling or drilling machines).

The edges of a workpiece can be positioned, rotary stages can be centered or machine spindles can be aligned. The centring microscope is fixed in the machine instead of the tool.

the image is true erect and with high contrast

the eyepiece has a graticule with crosshair and concentric circles

LEDs are used for the incident light

5 µm centring accuracy can be achieved

DIN 2080-A 40 (short taper) standard fixture

different fixtures and draw bolt upon request


Magnification Field of view Measuring range Resolution
5 mm
- -

Centering Microscope ZM1 brochureZM1 brochure download...



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